Make Something Monday-Reverse Tie Dye Tee

by Patty

Last week my lovely fiancé decided he was going to help me do laundry – which was really nice until I realized he accidentally got some bleach on one of my favorite cotton tees. I know, the horror! I decided something had to be done to salvage my beloved tee and finally settled on a reverse tie-dye technique to mix in with the bleach already on the shirt. Below is my process and how it came out.

You’ll need:

  1. Your own ruined shirt or even one you’d like to add a fresh spin to.
  2. Bleach (I used some extra we had lying around but there are a few great chlorine free options to choose from here.)
  3. Rubber bands
  4. A bucket, sink or tub to soak the shirt in.

The process is pretty simple, just roll up the item of clothing and wrap a bunch of rubber bands around the shirt to create your desired pattern then soak the item in bleach for about two hours. Make sure you rinse your newly dyed look thoroughly and wash before wearing! You can even get creative with this and just dip the bottom half of the item in bleach for a dip dye effect, there are countless options! I’m excited to salvage one of my most comfy tees! Have you ever tried this technique before?

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