June Pet of the Month: Chowder

by Lauren Verini

After many months of searching and signing up for rescue groups, we found Chowder online at the NYC ASPCA. We had a good feeling that we could give Chowder a forever home. He’s got a ton of energy and lots of personality. We are really lucky to have him, and for him to have us!

Name: Chowder

Breed: Boston terrier

Age: 2 years old

Size: 26 pounds

Diet: Wellness Core Grain Free

Funny Habit: Chowder’s face is pretty smushed in for a Boston Terrier, so his tongue is always sticking out of his mouth. He also likes to crop dust enclosed areas with little ventilation whenever possible.

Favorite Toy: Right how he’s obsessed with a rubber soccer ball that he got as a gift from a good friend. Chowder will play with anything – kongs, balls, stuffless animals – you name it!

Adorable Eccentricity: Chowder likes getting hugged. He pretty much won’t let you leave the house without one. He’ll stand on his two back legs and scratch at your knees until you pick him up and wrap your arms around him.

Dislikes: When he doesn’t get attention. He will stand by his toy box and keep giving us reminders to play with him. He’s also currently engaged in an epic battle with the vacuum cleaner.

Things that make his tail wag: chronicling his adventures on Instagram (or we like to think so)  @Chowdah_Man.

Funny story: Chowder thinks he lives in the suburbs with a backyard, but is actually in a 450 sq ft Hoboken apartment. Regardless, he took a large treat and instead of gnawing at it, proceeded to hide it in different corners of our place – under the coffee table, between storage bins, behind the toilet. Every time he realized that scratching at our hardwood floors did not conceal it, he would become frustrated and search for a new spot. Currently, the nomadic treat is located between my husband’s dress shirts.

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