July Pet of the Month: Roo

by Sofia

Roo was the runt from a litter of 8 kittens! This might explain for his lack of wit and no desire to explore. Roo is not exactly your most social cat, and enjoys staying under his mommy’s bed for about 8 to 12 hours a day. When he does decide to come out at late hours of the night, if you are to accidently scare him, he will quickly run into walls and/or screen doors. We sware he was more fun when he was a kitten!

Although Roo isn’t the liveliest/trimmest of felines, his cute face and cuddles during a late-night movie make up for his unsocial qualities. He is very soft and cute! …and also lazy.


Name: Roo

Breed: Domestic Short Hair-or fat white and orange cat

Age: 8 years old

Size: 9 pounds- appears slim when walking, but gradually gets large when laying down

Diet: Recently put on a lower-calorie dry cat food from Whole Foods

Favorite thing to do:  Stare at you closely while your sleeping, and you realize this when you wake up…..hi Roo

Funny Habit: Rubbing the bottom of his chin on shoes- he’s obsessed with shoes! Roo also enjoys pawing at your face while you’re sleeping…really Roo

Adorable eccentricity: His white and orange ringed tail, and his pink nose!

Dislikes: People, daytime, places that aren’t under beds, vacuum cleaners

Funny Story: On one of his late-night prowls, Roo decided to run and jump continuously and play with the hall light switch. While sleeping, we realized there was a light flashing on and off that was interrupting our sleep…it was Roo.

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