It’s Time to Go Green!

by Eco18

Time – it slips away, there’s never enough and it’s hard to keep track of. In order to keep a better eye on time, a new watch may be just what you need. We found a few eco-friendly watch brands to help get you started on the hunt for a new timepiece.

Citizen Eco-Drive

One of the most polluting ingredients in a watch is the battery. Batteries are full of contaminating ingredients including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury. In order to eliminate the waste that comes from watch batteries, Citizen designed the Eco-Drive Watch Collection. This watch contains a lithium ion cell that replaces the battery and recharges in both natural and artificial lighting. The style featured above is the Stiletto blade. This watch would be the perfect addition to any business casual wardrobe.


A new Sprout watch may be the perfect accessory for your spring wardrobe. This company has been around for nearly 50 years “making the most eco-forward watches available”. The materials used in Sprout watches range from corn resin to conflict free diamonds, the model above features both materials. Sprout watches are stylish, reasonably priced and eco-friendly. What more could you want in a watch?


Earth Watches

Earth Watches are a line of eco-friendly watches that use elements from the earth in each timepiece. These watches are made out of organic wood, cork, and different stones like Jasper, Jade (found in the watch in the image above) and Sodalite. They taut that each Earth Watch is unique and is made for the inner tree hugger in everyone.



This LA based company creates trendy timepieces that, if you can guess from their name, are made out of wood. WeWood goes one step further than creating eco-friendly watches by using the proceeds to plant trees with American Forests and Trees For The Future. The rich colors and different shapes of these unisex watches make a real statement, like the Limited Edition WeWood Moon Brown watch pictured above. Out of the 4 brands mentioned, WeWood is my personal favorite.

After running through a few eco-friendly styles – which of these watches is your favorite?

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