How to Eco Your Dental Routine

by Rolaika Mcfarlane

Are you trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? It turns out there’s an opportunity to reduce waste that you may not have thought of: your dental routine. Admittedly I’d never thought of this myself until I was given a bamboo toothbrush after my last dentist visit, and thought it was a small way to make a big impact. Below you will find some products to help you live a greener life, one brush at a time. 


1.Bamboo toothbrushes are great because of their biodegradability and eco-friendliness. While plastic toothbrushes will eventually end up in landfills and release toxic chemicals, a bamboo toothbrush eventually decomposes. A great option is the MamaP nylon bristle toothbrush. Available in both adult and kid options, each purpose-colored toothbrush represents a charity that MamaP gives back to. 


2.If you’re looking for a safe and effective natural toothpaste with whitening features, look for Tom’s of Maine products, which has the American Dental Association stamp of approval. Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is made with authentic naturally derived ingredients making it the go-to option for many.

Dental Floss

3.Dental lace provides the perfect recyclable dental floss to help keep your pearly whites clean and healthy throughout the day. Made with 100% silk and coated in Candelilla Wax, a plant-based wax, Dental Lace is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic floss. The best part is that for every container that is sold, seven plastic containers are replaced.


4.I recently came across a DIY mouthwash routine that’s a great alternative to store-bought mouthwashes, many of which contain ethanol, which causes a burning sensation. Here’s what you’ll need to DIY your very own mouthwash:

2 cups of distilled water

1 tbsp of baking soda

1 tsp of unrefined seasalt

liquid Stevia (add as many drops as you like, this this purely for taste!)

1 bottle for storage

Mix everything together, for a personalized mouthwash made from products in your kitchen.

Hopefully, these tips will help you change your dental routine, allowing you to maintain cleaner teeth, a healthier mouth, and a brighter smile—all while reducing environmental impact. Happy brushing!

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