Here’s The Tea

by AimeeMiller

As our environment grows more and more affected by our actions and carbon footprints, there are always ways to cut down and promote sustainability. Below are some of the most popular tea companies doing their part to help our environment!


  • Arbor Teas: 
    • Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Arbor Teas is family owned and certified by the USDA as well as being Fair Trade certified. The organization promotes sustainability in their compostable packaging, organic farming and by sourcing from the United States as often as possible.  For more information, including how to order, click here. 


  • The Republic of Teas
    • The integral part of this organization’s mission is an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes harmony and caring for the world around them. Their mission allows them to focus on sustainable practices, including the design of their tea bags, which are biodegradable and their packaging, which is made up of recyclable materials. For more on the philosophy behind their foundation click here.


  •   Honest Tea
    • The Honest Tea Company is both Fair Trade certified as well as USDA Organically certified. In addition to doing their part for the environment by practicing organic farming, Honest Tea has used upcycled materials as well as repurposed furniture to promote sustainability as part of practices in their company headquarters. For more information on their organization, head to 


  • Numi
    • Numi is also USDA organically certified organization that is committed to both people and the planet. Numi is also Fairtrade and fair labor certified. The Numi organization features unique eco-packaging with recycled cardboard and natural, biodegradable filter paper tea bags. In addition to traditional eco-friendly packaging, they also offer bamboo gift box packaging, which employs women to help support their families. Order from their website here.  


If you change even one product or habit that may not be the most sustainable option for our environment, you could help make a great difference. These organizations work to promote a more affordable cost of sustainability, help to support them today! 

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