Three Conscious Kids

by AimeeMiller

As the concern for our environment continues to grow daily, it is so important to instill eco-friendly habits in the youth in order to create the conscious change that our Earth so desperately needs. 


  • Ana Humphrey took action in her Virginia hometown by founding Watershed Warriors, a nonprofit club devoted to environmental activism. Humphrey was inspired in the 7th grade by a life science class that gave her the opportunity to restore a wetland as part of her final project. Watershed Warriors now provides lessons that implement state educational standards of science learning and engages students in hands-on experience, continuing to improve our environment every year!


  • Abbie Weeks got to work in her hometown just outside of Denver, Colorado by founding the nonprofit organization, Ecological Action, which focuses on advocating for sustainability. So far, Ecological Action has achieved in helping to provide solar energy to underprivileged communities, including a home for orphaned children in Uganda and a military veteran’s home on a Native American Reservation in South Dakota. In addition to these achievements, Ecological Action has also succeeded in convincing school officials of Weeks’ hometown to replace Styrofoam lunch trays with reusable ones.


  • Ryan Hickman got involved through the influence his father made on him as a young child. When he was a toddler, Hickman’s father would take him to their local recycling center in Orange County, California. These trips sparked the idea of launching his own recycling business, what is known today as Ryan’s Recycling. Over the course of five years, Hickman’s business has recycled over 300,000 cans and bottles collected from his community. In addition to his recycling efforts, he raised over $5,000 to donate to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center by selling t-shirts branded by his company.


As you can see, these kids may be young, but they’re ready to set a good example for our future generations and do their part to make a difference!

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