Eco18’s Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

by Jon Porcasi

Tis the season of giving, and for many of us the thought of navigating a hectic department store makes us cringe. Here at Eco18, we prefer the alternative to retail shopping, online shopping. Not only is it the greener option, it will allow you to sit in the comforts of your home (sipping on your favorite hot beverage) while watching Real Housewives reruns, wishing it was YOU going on that trip to Morocco (we all been there). Here are a few interesting Techie gifts for the not so techie soul.



Urbio is a brand that first appeared on Shark Tank a few years back.  What makes this product interesting is in it’s innovation and design. Founded in 2011 by two industrial designers, these organizational solutions were made for those of us who are used to living in small spaces, like apartments and studios. With a range of functions, these wall units are completely customizable, and can even be transformed into a vertical garden-utilizing the magnetic wall-mounting system. They can be found in the Container Store, as well as Online.


2. Smartphone Printer: FOR THE INSTAGRAMMER

For those of us who aren’t professional photographers-we use Instagram (the problem with Instagram is how do we get our pictures from our phones, to give to our grandmothers so they can pass them around at family functions and gush at how big everyone has gotten). Fujifilm recently launched the answer, a printer that synchs with Instagram and allows you to print your photos in real time. Now grandmas can rejoice knowing that they will still get to keep those cherished photos, you don’t exactly remember taking.


3. Walnut Mousepad: FOR THE WORK-A-HOLIC

This mousepad made of Walnut is probably one of the most beautifully crafted mousepads I have every came across (and being a graphic designer, I have seen my fair share of mousepads). With a little slot for a pen or pencil, it has a dual purpose (and let’s face it, how many times have we lost our pen-right before that important client meeting). It’s so sleek and elegant that you may actually forget for a second that you are gifting someone close to you a MOUSEPAD.



Miito is an innovative product that heats liquids directly in the vessel to be used, hence eliminating the heating of excess water, you may normally heat if you were trying to boil a full pot. This may seem erroneous for some, but a few things to keep in mind:

-The average person spends about 33 hours a year, waiting for a pot to boil.-The Guardian

-Three quarters of households still boil more water then they need. –

-“One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.”-Leyla Arcaroglu, Sustainable Strategist & Designer

Now you see the value this type of product would have on the eco-minded (it looks cute too).


5. Viddy: FOR THE DIY-er

What was old is now new again. VIDDY recently launched a pin-hole camera kit (perfect for the DIYer on your list). The main pieces you’ll need simply pop out so you’ll go from flat pack to working camera in around half an hour! The kit has also been utilized as an educational tool in schools for creative expression, teaching kids history, art as well as the science behind taking a photograph.

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