Eco-Friendly Outerwear 2013 – What’s Hot!

by Alex Arena

You see December’s first flurries falling out your window. You grab your old pea coat, gloves and scarf before leaving the house. You walk outside and that first gust of frosty wind nearly knocks you off your feet and steals your breath. You jam your hands in your pockets and the third button from your sleeve pops off. It’s time! Time for a new winter coat…

This year, I’ve rounded up four styles made by outerwear lines that are not only incredibly chic, but extremely eco-conscious! Each jacket is made with eco-friendly materials and the latest advancements in eco technology. So now, you can stay warm while doing something good for the environment.

Holden Outerwear – Men’s Evergreen Jacket in Port Royale/Thunderstorm Blue – $200

Founded by professional snowboarder Mikey Leblanc and Scott Zergebel, Holden has been working since it’s inception to create progressive, functional and eco-friendly garments. The new Evergreen Jacket is durable, stretchy, breathable and waterproof. It is made of 100% recycled polyester, PFOA free and ships in a biodegradable bag.

My favorite feature: The zippered tech pocket with an audio port for your headphones!

Burton BIONIC Bomber Jacket in Atlantic – $399.95

Burton partnered with music mogul Pharrell Williams and BIONIC® Yarn to create a high-end line of eco-conscious winter outerwear and accessories that arrived in select stores a few weeks ago! Modeled after retro ‘70’s style ski jackets, the BIONIC bomber is made of eco fabric combined with premium 800-fill down to produce one of the warmest eco-friendly puffy coats out there!

My favorite feature: The use of BIONIC® Yarn, an amazing thread that uses 40-45% recycled matter and is 400% stronger than conventional yarns.

Image via Slam Jam Socialism.

Vaute Couture  – Yasuko Vegan Coat in Petal Luxe – $340.00

Founded by cruelty-free crusader Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Vaute Couture is a completely vegan outerwear line produced locally in New York City’s Garment District. Modeled after an origami tulip, the ‘Yasuko’ coat is named after Hilgart’s friend, Yasuko Okubo and is 100% vegan shell lined with recycled satin liner. It is made from recycled fabrics and is windproof, snow resistant and retains heat.

My favorite feature: The petal-shaped bottom! So pretty and feminine!

Nau – Twothirds Jacket in Caviar –$395

Founded by Eric Reynolds in 2005, Nau is an urban and outdoor clothing company with strong social and environmental mission. Based in Portland, Oregon Nau donates a significant portion of its revenue to nonprofit organizations. The TwoThirds jacket is made from recycled polyester and is breathable, waterproof, lightweight and warm.

My favorite feature: The use of Cocona® insulation. An alternative to down and made of coconut husks mixed with recycled polyester, Cocona® has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than other synthetic insulations-and it’s created from a renewable resource! So cool!

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