Eco Friendly Kitchen Wish List

by Jon Porcasi

1. Brooklyn Slate Co., Cheese Board: Cheese is one of my favorite foods, and what better way to celebrate it then with a natural, eco-chic cheese board. Sourced from a local quarry in upstate New York, Brooklyn Slate Co. utilizes the leftover scraps that would have otherwise been tossed, to create these one of a kind cheese boards. Once they find usable scraps of slate, they transport the pieces to their studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where additional cutting and cleaning is done to ensure the slate is food safe. One of the finishing touches they apply to every cheese board is chipping the edges with a slate cutter to give each board their distinctive natural look.

2. Bee’s Wrap: Looking for a sustainable way to keep food fresh? Look no further. Bee’s Wrap is a brand that infuses fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin to create the perfect alternative to plastic for food storage. The science is simple. Beewax and jojoba oil have antibacterial properties that help keep food fresh longer, and the combination allows Bee’s Wrap to be reused again and again-proving to be both sustainable and budget friendly.

3. IntoConcrete, Concrete Wine Cooler: Sleek, modern and functional-this is a product that every wino and design connoisseur will love. Aside from its contemporary character, concrete is an ideal  medium for maintaining temperature. Chilled wine stored in these coolers will stay cool much longer then when chilled on ice. One of the things that makes IntoConcrete a unique brand is the fact that they apply traditional ceramic sensibilities to a medium that wouldn’t be associated with good design. ” Concrete is a sustainable choice that demonstrates your environmental consciousness, since fabrication of a concrete item uses up to 50 times fewer fossil fuels that the production process of traditional ceramics.”

4. Click and Grow Planters, Smart Herb Garden: The Smart Herb Garden is the perfect way to grow fresh herbs, when space is limited. Just plug it in, add a bit of water and thats it. Using NASA-inspired technology, Click and Grow herbs are able to grow faster without the use of unnatural or suspicious substances like GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or plant hormones. Each garden kit comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm, and the site also offers refills, so you can always maintain the freshest herbs.

5. Prep Pad: Finishing off the list is what I think is the most exciting product out there for foodies and techies alike. The Prep Pad is essentially a food scale that gives you real-time insight into your nutrition, allowing you to create balanced meals and maintain a nutritious diet. The technology is simple, you put on the scale the food items you plan on eating and synch it up with your smart device using CounterTop, an app created exclusively for the Prep Pad. The design is both elegant and functional, carved from a single piece of aluminum, yet thin enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer.

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