DIY Stamps

by eco18

As with the potato, common household items can serve another purpose before they’re bound for the garbage can: a stamp.

Celery: After the edible stalks are cut off, the end resembles a rose. Dry it out with the cut side down to remove most of the water, brush some paint onto the ends and use as a stamp. Experiment with how much paint to add to create roses to your liking.

Eraser: Have some pencils and erasers gathering dust now that you’re not in school? Draw a design on the eraser and carefully carve out the design with an x- acto knife or a linoleum cutter. A simple design, like a triangle, works best on the eraser end of a pencil. Brush on a light coat of paint or dab on a stamp pad.

Wine corks: Similar to erasers, draw a design on the end of the cork and carefully carve it out. The cork takes well to a stamp pad or brush on paint.

Empty toilet paper roll: Keep as a circle, or gently fold into a heart-shape. Dip into some paint and stamp away.

With these stamps you can create custom artwork or gift giving supplies:

  • Buy blank cards or cut and fold cardstock and stamp to create homemade thank you, birthday or other occasion cards
  • Decorate a plain bag from a store to turn it into a gift bag
  • Make your own one-of-a-kind wrapping paper by stamping newspaper, butcher paper or paper bags (for smaller gifts)

I hope this inspires you to look for the beauty that everyday objects can create. Happy crafting!

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