DIY Halloween Spa Night

by Guest Writer


Instead of dressing up and going out, try dressing down and slipping into your own Halloween Spa Night!


BEWARE: These spooky spa DIY’s may cause extreme relaxation.


Spooky Spiced Salts

You’ll need:

1 glass jar with a lid

2 c. epsom salts

Vanilla Extract


Cinnamon essential oil

Clove essential oil

All spice essential oil

Black food coloring

These spiced salts follow no particular recipe, how easy is that? In a bowl, mix together your epsom salts and a few dashes of cinnamon. Then let your nose lead the rest of the way! If you like a milder smell, only add a few drops of each essential oil at first. You can always add more once you’re finished. Add a few drops of black food coloring and stir together. Store in glass jar for about a week.

Disclaimer: opt for an all natural food coloring and be ware, your bath water will be a spooky gray color! 


“Boo”tiful Face Mask

You’ll need:

1 c. organic pumpkin puree (make your own easily with this recipe!)

1/2 c. organic oats

2 tbsp raw honey

2 tsp. cinnamon

Just mix together and that’s it! A mask that will be sure to leave your skin feeling luxurious and the rest of your family spooked!


Jack-o-lantern Candle

You’ll need:

1 organic orange

Olive oil

Pairing knife

Olive oil



First, cut your orange in half. On both halves, run the pairing knife along the inner edge of the orange to separate the fruit from the skin. Pull the fruit out careful to leave some of the white membrane connected to the skin. On one half, locate the membrane “wick” in the bottom center of the skin. (Usually where the eye of the orange is. It may take a few tries to successfully do this!) Pour a few tablespoons of olive oil into the half with the wick. In the other half, carve out a jack-o-lantern face! Light the “wick” and put on the lid! This will the room with the smell of oranges and eerie jack-o-lantern faces!


What are your plans for Halloween? We’d love to know!



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