Be Kind to Yourself: 5 Daily Efforts to Appreciate You

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen

Sometimes our lives can feel nonstop and overwhelming. And while the world around us may be hectic, it’s important to our physical and mental health to remind ourselves to take a step back and focus on someone who often gets forgotten and neglected—you! Most of us focus on putting those we love at the forefront of our focus, and while this is admirable and kind, we must remember not to lose our own interests in the process. To make sure we keep a healthy focus on ourselves and our wellbeing, here are a few daily activities you can take to better appreciate the beauty that is you!

1. Schedule “Nothing” Time: Even if you’re somebody who feels like doing nothing is a waste of your precious time, it really makes a huge difference having as little as 15 minutes in the day to simply sit back and relax your body and mind. It may seem daunting at first but by planning out small portions of your day to simply do nothing, you will not only have that time for relaxation, but you will be able to relax with the peace of mind that this was scheduled, planned, and not interfering with any other business that needs to be tended to. So whip out your planner and give yourself a few minutes to a few hours at the end of the day for some much needed mental clarity.

2. Finish the Day with a Positive Review: At the end of your day, whether it was overwhelmingly good or overwhelmingly bad, we suggest grabbing a notepad and writing out three good things that happened that day. Doing this helps to act as a reminder that even when things seem to be going wrong, you can always find a silver lining and something to appreciate. This is also a great reminder that sometimes the small things can have a lasting and important impact. So whether your list is comprised of something as small as having an exceptionally tasty cup of coffee or as large as winning the lottery, take a few moments at the end of the day to look back at the positive feelings that embraced you that day.

3. Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Night: One of our personal favorites, an at-home spa night is always a great way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. A few of our favorite ways to create a perfect spa ambiance in your own home are bath bombs (Lush has great vegan and cruelty free options) and face masks (we recommend trying out the options from Herbivore Botanicals—they’re infused with real gemstones!). Another awesome option for a spa night is an essential oil diffuser. There are hundreds of different oils to choose from, which can help anything from fighting colds and flus, to balancing hormones, to reducing stress and anxiety!

4. Get in (Free) Daily Yoga: Yoga always sounds like a great plan—that is until you check the prices of some yoga studios! To avoid the added stresses of paying tremendous sums for an hour or two of what is supposed to be a relaxing exercise, try out the online yoga classes from Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has numerous month-long yoga challenges that are all totally free and a great way to get in some daily exercise. Working out your body in general is a great way to relieve stress, and yoga is one of the best workouts out there.

5. Enjoy Your Favorite Food: While this might not be the best advice for day-to-day, sometimes exceptionally stressful days call for indulgence in your all-time favorite foods. It’s important to remember that keeping an overall healthy diet is essential to your health and mind, but hey—if everything seems to be going wrong one day it’s ok to eat a bowl of mac n’ cheese or maybe a few scoops of Ben and Jerry’s! Comfort foods are called comfort foods for a reason and sometimes they really are needed. So take a bite of whatever you find most delicious, relax, and start fresh and healthy the next day.

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