Pet of the Month: Abbie the Surf Dog

by Leesa Raab

Abbie is an Australian Kelpie and rescue dog in San Diego with an amazing cinderella story. After being rescued at six months old by the Humane Society in Silicon Valley, she was adopted by Michael Uy who  transformed Abbie to become the active and inspiring dog she is today. Abbie is one of the top-medaled surfing dogs in the world, To become the top surfing dog in the world, Michael believed in pushing Abbie to her full physical potential by feeding her a nutritious diet and ensuring that she maintained an active lifestyle. Their relationship is special because it’s solely built on trust and not on training. Michael didn’t train Abbie to surf; he would surf in Del Mar and Abbie came along. Eventually, he gained her trust and one day she got on her own board. She’s been a pro ever since!

Name: Abbie Girl

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Age: 7 years old on Sept 16, 2013

Size: 18″ at the withers, 36.7 lbs.

Diet: DOGSWELL Live Free

Favorite thing to do: Surf

Funny Habit: Will ride piggyback on Michael while walking and biking

Adorable eccentricity: Loves to fly with Michael in his paraglider. Loves to do a 180 spin on the board when she rides it in so she can find me out in the surf.

Dislikes: Mushy waves, closed-out sets. Aggro surfers.

Funny Story: Abbie’s most memorable win was at a 2010 contest where she and another dog collided. The other dog bailed an Abbie’s board was about to go under, so she jumped onto his board and rode it in to win the contest.


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