7 Gluten-free Alternatives

by eco18

May is Celiac Awareness Month, and for the One of the hardest things about going gluten-free is giving up some of your favorite (and indulgent!) foods and snacks. No one likes to be told they can’t eat something, so that’s why eco18’s rounded up the best substitutes for just about every craving in the book!

If you’re craving Granola: KIND makes a delicious gluten-free granola blend. The Maple Walnut Clusters with Chia & Quinoa granola are a heart healthy blend of walnuts, chia and whole grains amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet and buckwheat with a sweet touch of maple. These granola clusters contain 300mg of omega-3 fatty acids and provide 17g of whole grains. http://www.kindsnacks.com/kind-store/healthy-grains/maple-walnut-clusters-with-chia-quinoa.html/

If you’re craving Brownies: The Protein Bakery has a delicious assortment of brownies (and blondies) that balance rich chocolaty taste with significant health benefits. They’re also rich in dietary fiber, no gluten*, wheat flour-free, and packed with 12 grams of protein. They come in extraordinarily delicious flavors like mint, peanut butter, espresso and walnut. http://proteinbakery.com/collections/brownies

If you’re craving a Snack Bar: Try raw bars from Lydia’s Organics, which are gluten-free, organic and vegan. Talk about a trifecta! Each raw bar contains a nutritious combination of sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, along with fruits, vegetable, herbs and seaweeds to create delicious flavors such as Ginger, Cacao Crunch, Tropical Mango, Raspberry and Spirulina. http://www.lydiasorganics.com/products.html

If you’re craving Pretzels: Try Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs Curry pretzels. These addictive pretzel alternatives are packed with heart-healthy flax seeds and chia seeds (the latest in omega 3-rich super foods) as well as healthful gluten-free grains like quinoa, millet and amaranth. A touch of curry gives a kick to every crunchy bite. http://www.marysgonecrackers.com/your-products/pretzel-sticks

If you’re craving Pizza: It’s hard to get a good gluten-free pizza without it being from a restaurant. However, Conte’s Gluten-Free wheat-free pizza offers a great tasting pre-packaged alternative to your typical ready-to-order pizzas. This rice flour-based dough, spiked with salty Romano cheese, has a satisfying crunch and delicate texture. My favorite is their Margherita Pizza with roasted garlic. http://contespasta.com/

If you’re craving Muffins: Udi’s Blueberry Muffins Made with brown rice flour and a generous amount of plump blueberries, these satisfying muffins have a fluffy, cake-like texture and the lemon adds a refreshing citrus zing. http://udisglutenfree.com/products/blueberry-muffins/

If you’re craving Chips: Although potato chips are for the most part gluten-free, they’re typically not the healthiest choice in the snack aisle. Instead try Lundberg Rice Chips. Made with 70% organic ingredients, these whole grain, non-GMO snacks and wholesome and nutritious. Not to mention, they come in some incredibly delicious flavors including Fiesta Lime, Sante Fe Barbecue, Wasabi and Honey Dijon. http://www.lundberg.com/products/Rice_Chips.aspx. Also, don’t forget to try kale chips as a great gluten-free chip alternative as well. http://eco18.com/kale-off-battle-of-the-best-brands/

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