Oat Milk Is Trending But Why?


If you’ve been to any trendy coffee shop in the past few months or spend time on Instagram, then you have probably heard of an oat milk latte. You may have even seen oat milk for sale at your local grocery store. But what makes oat milk so special compared to other non-dairy milk? Here are a few reasons why the oat milk trend may be here to stay.

It’s nut-free.

For the non-dairy folks who also have nut allergies, then oat milk is a great choice! It’s also good if you are looking to limit the amounts of fats in your diet, as nut milk tend to be high in fat.

It’s easy to make at home.

Compared to nut milk, oat milk is easier and cheaper to make at home. All you need is a good blender and a strainer. A lot of the oat milk sold in stores does have added sugars, so making it at home allows you to limit the sugar and get creative with adding flavors like vanilla or even pumpkin spice.

Naturally has fiber.

Oats naturally contain fiber so drinking oat milk gives you the added benefit of increasing your fiber intake. Other dairy and non-dairy milk may contain fiber but it would have to be added to the product.

It’s a great source of pre-workout energy.

Since oat milk is high in carbs and easy on the stomach, it’s said to be a great source of pre-workout energy. Oats are complex carbohydrates which means it takes your body longer to break them down, which gives you additional strength and stamina during a workout.

It’s delicious.

Let’s face it, you want your milk to taste good. Oat milk is light and pairs well with the flavors of most foods. It’s great added to a smoothie, cereal and you can even cook with it. Oat milk also makes the perfect latte thanks to its frothy texture.