Australian Seabird Indicative of the Prescence of Plastics

Australian Scientists Find Plastic’s Toxic Footprint at Molecular Level

SYDNEY—California has become the newest region to ban lightweight plastic bags, joining four states and territories in Australia in restricting the use of disposable plastics. The move comes as Australian researchers study the…


July Pet of the Month: Rylee

Name: Rylee Sparkle Parents: Carol, Hank, and Rick Breed: I usually gallantly state, ‘she’s a rescue so I don’t know.’ That’s always met with great admiration and then people guess Spitz, English Sheepdog, Rottweiler (most…


Happy Third Birthday to Eco18!

  As I look back on the letter from our second birthday, I am struck by the opening sentence “It has certainly been a tumultuous year for planet earth–floods, fires, tornados, terrorist attacks–the…

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Top 18 Finds at the 2014 Fancy Food Show!

This past week our eco18 team visited the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show! The day was filled with creative companies, cordial business owners, delicious foods, and exquisite packaging. By the end of the…

SPF Clothes

Clothes and Accessories that Protect Your Skin From the Summer Sun

The hot weather and beating summer sun mean light breezy fabrics. Bare arms and legs are now a common sight on sun drenched city streets—the stuff of dermatologists’ nightmares. Summer Kramer, founder of…


Happy Father’s Day!

1-Peter Griffin, Family Guy 2-Archie Bunker, All In the Family 3-Al Bundy, Married With Children 4-Mufasa, The Lion King 5-Cliff Huxtable, The Cosby Show 6-Mrs. Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire 7- Atticus Finch, To Kill…


June Pet of the Month: Angie

  Name:  Angie aka Meat (the boys in the house think she’s one of them) Parents:  Rachel, Mike, and Phil Breed:  Shih Tzu Age:   5 years. She will be 6 on August 2nd…

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Poaching May Lead to the African Rhino’s Extinction in the Near Future

  Rhinos are big, beautiful creators that are some of the oldest land mammals in the world. There are two species of rhino in Africa – the white rhino which resides mostly in…

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Merry Christmas from Eco18!

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Eco18 Anniversary Giveaway: Full Circle Home Kitchen Cleaning Package

Eco18 Anniversary Giveaway: Full Circle Home Kitchen Cleaning Package Full Circle Home is devoted to creating stylish and functional products made from sustainable and renewable resources like bamboo and cellulose. Full Circle shares…

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