Nick Livermore

The Best Winter Cocktails

This cold just won’t go away, will it? While it limits many of the outdoor activities you enjoy, the good news is that you will find yourself with a little more time. Skip…

Image via Nick Keppol flickr/cc license

Keeping Your Apartment Neat: Tricks For Not Letting the Mess Pile Up

Living in a city apartment can be tough. Once advertized as “cozy”, your space is now nothing more than cluttered. Here are some helpful hints on how to keep that Sunday clean feeling…

Conscious Box

The 6 Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

Let’s be honest. If you haven’t gotten into subscription boxes yet, you’re late to join the party. Because really… it quite literally is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve compiled the perfect…

Change Homeless

5 New Kinds of Kindness

Have you ever thought life would be a little sweeter if you could just be a little nicer ? Here are five kind things you should aim to do: 1.  The “Help a…


Eco-Friendly Gifts Everyone Will Love

Ohhhhh you know it’s that time of year again! We’re rounding up our favorites just in time for you to rush-ship them. As usual, we’ve found the perfect combination of functional, fashionable, and…


Season’s Eatings!

We all know its tough to get through a busy, festive, holiday season without packing on the extra pounds. There are though, ways that we can cut down on the food intake without…

Happy Workout

How To Squeeze In A Workout

We all have weeks where it’s particularly hard to take the time to work out. But that really shouldn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a workout at all – no matter how small….


What Is A Tomtato?

We recently came across a remarkable discovery. The Tomtato. It’s been developed by British horticulture company Thompson and Morgan and it’s literally a tomato plant with roots that produce potatoes. Photo proof: The plants are…


Time To Change Your Light Bulbs!

There was a time when the light bulb section of your local store was expanding. You will notice that it’s not shrinking again — incandescent light bulbs are well on their way out….


Gadgets to Make Cooking Even Better

Know when you have just too much chopping to do or just can’t seem to keep herbs alive? There are genuine kitchen problems that you can easily avoid. We’ve picked out our favorite…

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