How To Squeeze In A Workout

by Nick Livermore

We all have weeks where it’s particularly hard to take the time to work out. But that really shouldn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a workout at all – no matter how small. A little consistency goes a long way towards maintaining those health and fitness goals. Here are 10 ways you can get in a little exercise – whether it’s at work or on the road.

  • Walk the long way to work
  • Become a better morning person and squeeze in a twenty minute workout early (sorry, but it’s true)
  • Take the stairs
  • Don’t spend extra time looking for a parking spot; park further from the entrace
  • If you’re travelling, make an enough to at least see the hotel gym. Chances are that it will inspire you to just get in there and do it
  • Learn some great weightless workouts that you can do anywhere
  • Take a walk on your lunch break. Bonus points for taking your favorite coworkers
  • Spend 15 fewer minutes sitting each day. Stand while talking on the phone
  • They are goofy, but try an in-office workout (door closed)
  • It doesn’t have to be boring – call a friend or relative or multitask accordingly

Wow – if you follow all these rules, we say you’ll be fit in no time! Any other ideas? Leave them below.


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