The Best Winter Cocktails

by Nick Livermore

This cold just won’t go away, will it? While it limits many of the outdoor activities you enjoy, the good news is that you will find yourself with a little more time. Skip the bar, grabbing a beer and going over to your friends’ houses in favor of making your own cocktails. Actually, have your friends over and build out your at-home bar. Here’s 5 of the best wintry cocktails to impress any and everyone:

The Manhattan

A classic. Everyone loves a bourbon and sweet-vermouth concentrated Manhattan.


The Last Word

Your gin drinking fellows with appreciate this one. Notes of lime and a blast of green herbs and spices make this a delight.



Think White Russian but rum and coconut. So not really the same, but delicious nonetheless.



Not a cocktail, per se, but just as delicious is a great whiskey neat or with a quality ice cube. Here’s a list of the best scotch you will find under $100.


Irish Coffee

Guaranteed to warm the palette and soul on even the coolest of days is this boozy cup of Joe. Use good beans, please.


That’s our top five. Any suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!

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