You’ve Been Framed: DIY Repurpose Project

by Beth Hurtubise

Frames are one of the most versatile items when it comes to decorating. Originally used to showcase art and photos, the current trend is to frame more unexpected items, sometimes with a utilitarian effect. These framed creations can be made by hand with everyday items you have lying around the house.

I found two previously owned frames for a great price on a visit to the Brooklyn Flea (see my previous article: The Art of the Flea Market for tips on haggling). After bringing them home I surveyed my house for materials I could use to complete these frame projects. I found a couple spools of cloth ribbon and a whole bag filled with carpet sample squares that I kept threatening to throw out, but luckily held onto.

I took the bigger frame and arranged the carpet squares in the design and color scheme I wanted them to appear. I then proceeded to hand sew the squares together. The final touch was to thumb tack my new, handmade canvas to the back of the wood frame. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a custom canvas and a staple gun, but I saved time, money and landfill space by using items I already had.

As I looked over the smaller frame to contemplate what I wanted to do with it, I remembered an old Pinterest pin that inspired me to create a framed jewelry holder. I started placing the cloth ribbon across the back of the frame, again using thumbtacks to keep each side taut and in place. There was no preconceived plan to the draping; I adjusted it along the way until I liked how it turned out. This was a great substitution to my previous earring drawer where single earrings and earring backs had been mysteriously disappearing for years.

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