You May Be More Green Than You Think

by Guest Writer

After a get-together I had at my home a couple weeks ago with several of my mom friends and some experts in green living, I realized that many of us do green things every day without giving it any thought. In fact, when asked about different green activities, most of the moms responded that they do not practice a green lifestyle—that’s how little thought is given to their everyday green activities.

With so many interpretations of green living, I think it’s important to pinpoint a definition. The one I think fits best is: “any action or activity that results in a positive impact on the environment that promotes sustainability for future generations.”

In terms of health and wellness, while many of my friends thought they were true believers in western medicine, it was interesting to see how many of them have used and continue to use alternative therapies, which are also green. One of my girlfriend’s swears by her chiropractor, using him both for her own ailments as well as those of her children. By using a chiropractor, many times instead of medications, she and her family are minimizing their carbon footprints.

Most of the moms have used homeopathic products for their children, especially for teething and have been happy with the results. I use homeopathic medicine to treat cough and cold symptoms for my family and I’m extremely impressed with the results. Homeopathic medicines are a green alternative to western medicine. According to the American Medical College of Homeopathy, “Homeopathy is highly sustainable medicine- ecologically, financially, and socially. (Homeopathic) medicines cost just pennies to dispense, and create no drain on natural resources, and no pollution.”

Another thing that my friends and I all take part in is recycling. Over the years it has become easier to recycle thanks to many efforts by local sanitation departments. Based on the statistics, I think most people recycle to some extent. In fact, according the EPA’s website, “American families and businesses went from recycling about 10 percent of trash in 1980 to more than 33 percent in 2008.” To make it convenient for my family to recycle, I keep a separate garbage pail in my kitchen specifically for recycling. It’s such a regular part of our routine that my 3 ½ year old son helps me recycle and knows which items should be recycled. By including our children to take part in green activities, like recycling, we are teaching them to be green which will ensure future generations continue to care for our planet.

Other ways that we live green are quite effortless. During these beautiful summer months, we turn off the TV (and the lights, and the thermostat) and I keep the kids outside playing for most of the day. That’s how I grew up, and I want my children to enjoy the fresh air, and if it means helping the planet in the meantime, then that’s a bonus. This summer, my son and I planted our own vegetable garden, as well. Not only, is our garden organic, but it’s also teaching my son a little bit about the great food we can reap from the Earth. I also do a lot of walking with my children in the warmer months. I find it more convenient than dealing with two car seats, and I love getting the kids out in the fresh air—not to mention the exercise I get.

Being green is really easy to do. If you just stop and think about all of the activities you take part in on a regular basis you may realize you are more green than you thought. I know I am. I’ve only mentioned a handful of the green activities that my family and I engage in, but I assure you that we do a lot more than this. I could probably write a book! Now, think about what green activities your family has been doing without even realizing it.

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