What To Pack In A Get-Home Bag

by Nick Livermore

We don’t like to dwell on doomsday prophecies and morbid thoughts of that nature, but we can’t underemphasize the importance of being prepared. Especially in light of recent hurricanes, tornados and other unexpected events. If disaster were to strike, there’s no such thing as being too ready. One location where many of us are the most vulnerable to being caught without the necessary goods is at work. Having a get-home bag ready to go is one way to make sure

With just a few simple tips and small list of things to have set aside and packed in a bag, you will be adequately prepared for an event that we hope never happens. Here’s a list of things to keep set aside at your office:

Cash – If the power goes out or there’s a collapse in technology, don’t rely on your plastic or IOU’s for purchasing power. The only thing that will do you any good is cash. Set aside a bundle of cash and try not to use it for lunch money. Small bills are a good idea.

Flashlight – You spring for a flashlight when the power goes out at home. Imagine how much you’ll need one if there is no power anywhere.

Ziploc Bags – Whether it be your phone or wallet, these are small, lightweight and watertight ways to keep things dry.

Swiss Army Knife – Not only will a knife come in handy, but so too will a bottle opener, screwdiver, tweezers and all the other nifty gadgets. Just be wary of your locale’s knife laws.

Reusable Water Container – Perfect for storing water and other liquids needed for hydration. It may taste a little off, but you should probably keep it filled with filtered water.

Map – If the bag is at work, then store a map of your route home. If this is for your home, map a route to a predetermined safehouse or meeting point.

Shoes – This one is especially vital for your work bag. You would not want to be stuck with a pair of work shoes/heels! Pack a pair of comfortable, worn-in walking shoes.

Change of Clothes – See work note above and also think of cold nights. Bring a bandana, too.

This Coffee Can Survival Kit – This list by Allan Priddy contains many of the little bits and pieces that all fit into a 1 lb. coffee canister.

Contact Sheet – Names, numbers and addresses of family and other people you may need to see.

Rope – We recommend paracord as it is lightweight and extra strong.

Food – Pack a few of your favorite energy bars and some trail mix.

Tampons – Not only are they great for female hygiene, but they are effective at stopping a cut from bleeding and also as a fire starter

Bag – All of this should fit into a backpack that you should keep in an accessible location.

Of course, this is only the beginnings of a survival kit and everyone will have different needs depending on where their office is located and how far away from home, among many other factors. For more information, we recommend checking out:

–        Amazon’s Emergency Prep List (Naturally, they have a zombie one, too)

–        20 Emergency Preparedness Foods You Can Find at the Store

–        A list of what will disappear first in an emergency

–        A hurricane supply list – good for most inclement weather scenarios

Anything else you recommend? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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