What Do Vegans Eat?

by Guest Writer

With November being National Vegan Month, we’ve found that a lot of people think that vegans live on twigs and berries! With that not being true, we thought we’d put together a list of vegan alternatives to everyday ingredients to show that there are plenty of vegan options for everyone!


Meat Alternatives:

There are a ton of meatless options for those who don’t eat meat. Here are a few of our favorite vegan friendly meat alternatives:


Tofurky makes a variety of delicious mock meat ingredients! They have everything from peppered deli tofurky slices to spicy italian “sausages.” They even make a Thanksgiving roasts!


Chick’n scallopini anyone? Gardein makes vegan friendly chicken alternatives as well as beef and fish alternatives! They even have vegan, gluten free options.

Boca Burgers

Boca Burgers makes a tasty range of vegan friendly grill-able patties! Our favorite? The spicy chick’n patty is our go to. Let’s just say, make two per person because you won’t want to stop eating them!


Dairy Alternatives:

I’ve heard many people say, “sure I could give up meat, but not cheese and dairy products.” Luckily, there are a ton of dairy free alternatives that, in my opinion, taste way better than actual dairy products!

If you’re not vegan, but you have a dairy sensitivity these products might be worth trying out!

Stonyfield O’Soy Yogurt

I’ve talked about this brand on countless occasions, because, well, it’s just that good! Coming in a variety of flavors, these vegan friendly yogurts are certified organic and are so, so tasty.


Milk Alternatives:

We could write an entire post on vegan friendly, dairy free milk alternatives. Instead here’s a long, bulleted list just to show you how many options there are!

Most of these brands not only provide a milk alternative, but a coffee creamer alternative as well!

Earth Balance Vegan Butter:

Don’t skimp on this vegan friendly butter alternative. It tastes great and takes away the greasiness of regular butter! Earth Balance not only makes spreadable butter for your morning toast and scones, but they make baking sticks as well. (Plus a load of other vegan friendly condiments! I mean does anyone really like regular mayonnaise? Get the dairy and egg free version instead.)


Cheese Alternatives:


Cream “cheese” for your bagel? Shredded mexican blend for your nachos? Or would you prefer a block of provolone to slice up for a yummy grilled “cheese”? Regardless, they have it all.



A lot of everyday condiments have dairy. Here’s a list of dairy-free versions of all of your favorite spreads, dips and dressings!

Vegan Ranch Dressing

Vegan Sour Cream

Vegan Mayonnaise (Pesto, Chipotle, Garlic or Barbecue flavored?)


Honey Alternatives:

Need a drizzle to sweeten up your yogurt or granola? Try organic agave nectar or maple syrup!


See? Vegans do eat more than kale. What’s your favorite vegan friendly meal or snack? We’d love to know!


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