These are the best natural beauty balms for the winter

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen

With Winter still in full swing, we are facing the annual epidemic of chapped and dry skin, lips and hair. While there are plenty of lotions and potions that are available at the drugstore, if you’re anything like us here at eco18, you value quality natural products over chemical and highly processed solutions to your woes. That’s why we have cultivated the ultimate list of beauty balms that will be your Winter skin saviors this year.

1. Trilogy Natural Skincare Everything Balm: A New Zealand based brand, Trilogy Natural Skincare is driven by discovery and innovation, and has pledged to only work with natural ingredients in order to create powerful and natural skincare for you. Their multi-tasking Everything Balm is packed with rosehip, Echinacea and pawpaw—leaving you with nothing but pure plant oils to answer all of your beauty troubles. This can be used as a body balm, lip balm, hand balm and even a cleansing balm. This product is a handbag must have!

2. Faramacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway: If you are a chronic dry-skin-sufferer, then taking off your makeup at the end of the day with alcohols and astringents is the last thing you want to do! Insead of using chemically filled makeup wipes, we recommend picking up a tub of the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. With patented Echinacea GreenEnvy technology, this nourishing cleansing balm will gently melt away makeup and impurities caused by pollution, and will leave your skin feeling ultra-hydrated and silky smooth. This balm features sunflower oil and ginger root oil to cleans the skin and leave you with a glowing complexion, while Moringa extract helps to purify and refresh the skin. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, this is one of the cleanest and greenest balms out there.

3. Honest Company Magic Balm: From the company cultivated by none other than Jessica Alba herself, the Honest Company’s Magic Balm lives up to its name. An all-purpose beauty balm with a blend of organic fruit and botanical oils to soften and smooth, this product is free of parabens, gluten, silicones, petrolatum, and synthetic fragrance. Great for applying to dry patches of skin anywhere on the body, this product can also be used as an enhancing beauty tool as well! Dab onto the cheekbones for a glowing highlight, or brush onto your cuticles for a freshly manicured lips. This multi-tasking powerhouse is also great for soothing those rough winter noses.

4. Glossier Universal Skin Salve: One of the most popular brands of the moment Glossier’s shining star in its skincare range is the Glossier Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve. In adorable and easy to carry packaging, this balm comes in a variety of scents and colors that will offer you a perfectly plump and refreshed look to dry and chapped lips. This is a hydrating, long-lasting, multipurpose balm and skin salve that is packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry chafed skin. A dense and waxy texture helps it to stay in place and to seal in moisture wherever it goes.

5. L’Occitane Organic Shea Butter: One of the most luxurious and comforting brands out there, L’Occitane’s Organic Shea Butter Balm will give your skin the royal treatment. The perfect multi-usage moisturizer, this Organic Shea Butter will fix any issues from your lips, skin, elbows, feet, even to your hair! Pop this in your travel bag for constant reassurance that your skin will be nourished and protected. And to top it all off, this product is made of pure and organic shea butter from Burkina Faso, and is harvested in a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women who produce it.

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