The Best Sustainable Florists for Mother’s Day

Living a sustainable life doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of goods or luxury. It only requires a different mindset. Recycling is only one of the many ways to build a sustainable environment. With Mother’s Day approaching, here are few ideas on where to get the best sustainable flowers for mom.

Although there are many factors to consider when getting eco-friendly flowers, you can always look at companies that have Green Labels & Organic Certifications such Fair TradeVerifloraBloom Check, and American Grown, to mention some of them.

Urbanstems, is located in Washington and is one of the few American e-florists with a Rainforest Alliance Certified™, which is an international non-profit organization that works in alliance with companies, farmers, foresters, communities, and consumers “committed to creating a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.” They use in-house floral designers who frequently travel to their farms to create fresh, unique bouquets. For Mother’s Day, Urbanstems offers lowers and gifts same-day or next day nationwide with free shipping included.

San Francisco-based, Farmgirl Flowers is a socially conscious company that supports fair conditions for workers, avoids harmful chemicals, and is committed to supporting as many American flower farmers as they can. Most of their bouquets are wrapped in reused in a distinctive burlap coffee sacks donated by local roasters. Their delivery is nationwide, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, this last one because they don’t accept shipments of cut flowers from the mainland, and in many parts of Alaska, FedEx does not offer next-day delivery, which means the flowers will not arrive in the best condition possible.

Another option is  Bouqs Co., founded in 2012 in Venice Beach, CA, they work with over 100 farms around the world, including the U.S. They hold certifications from Bloomcheck and Veriflora and they create genuine connections with customers, “build meaningful relationships with like-minded farmers and florists while empowering them to thrive, and eliminate unnecessary waste along the way.” 

Flowers always leave a beautiful mark on those who received them, but what a great way to make it even extra especial if those bouquets or arrangements for Mother’s Day are made thinking about also benefiting the world we live in. 

Giselle Chollett

I’ve always been mindful about my health habits, but in recent years I’ve realized the even bigger role of the environment in the health of everyone on the planet. This has been a source of inspiration to learn more about the contributions we all need to make to preserve our planet. Based on that, many of my habits have changed and I’m certain that I will continue evolving the more I learn about every aspect that impacts the environment: from the origin of our foods, to managing waste at home, doing laundry, using electricity in a smart way, and selecting the most environment-friendly cleaning, beauty, and make-up products. I tend to read and search from different sources, but the usual suspects are National Geographic, many newsletters such as Patagonia, Nutraingredients, news agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg, and newspapers like the NYT and The Wall Street Journal.