Tasty Tuesdays: Best Vegan Meat Brands

by Guest Writer

Industry observers say that shoppers are increasingly on the lookout for healthy alternatives to meat and we couldn’t be happier! This makes us happy not only for the obvious positive environmental implications but also because it’s just so much healthier! If you are trying to decrease your meat intake and need suggestions, here is a list of our top 4 favorite meat alternative brands that will leave you wondering if it’s even meat or not because it’s that good!


Sweet Earth Natural Foods:  The owners of Sweet Earth went from promoting Whoppers and Doritos to owning a health food company based on a meat-free diet! Known for $3.50 frozen burritos like the Kyoto, made with edamame and baby bok choy, and the Peruvian, made with sweet potatoes and red quinoa, this California based company has made vegan/vegetarian food affordable and more available for us all. You can find them at Target, Whole Food and Walmart.

No Evil Foods: We have to admit that the cool name had us curious! No Evil Foods’ has a strong commitment to expanding protein options by including plant-based options and a sustainable food system that will help educate others about the destructive factory farming industries. The food packaging is so innovating that they recently won the NEXTY Award for best new packaging – Innovation! Bravo!

Beyond Meat:  Believe us when we tell you these veggie burgers will turn hardcore carnivorous to plant-based burger eaters in seconds!  Beyond Meat is made from pea protein, yeast extract, and coconut oil had previously been available at Whole Foods and select restaurants on the West Coast but now is selling at more smaller conventional stores. In addition to the “beef” burgers and sliders, Beyond Meat offers “crumbled beef” products (for tacos and such) and a line of “chicken” strips. Check them out online to shop in the nearest location!

Impossible BurgerThe Impossible Burger is made of wheat protein, potato protein, leghemoglobin (heme from plants), xanthan, konjac plant and coconut oil for fat. Representatives say it’s not meant to be a “health food,” though. The nutritional content is similar to a beef patty, but it is cholesterol-free. The plant-based burger is produced without hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. The company says that compared to conventional ground beef from cows, their product uses 75 percent less water, 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases, and about 95 percent less land. How incredible is that?!

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