Stay Warm This Winter

by Nick Livermore

With cold weather fast approaching we feel that it’s only right, as your go-to for all things green, that we break down great ways for you to stay warm this winter without having the heat cranked up. We give you the top 18 ways to stay warm this winter:

  • Wear layers – insulating your body is the best and cheapest way to stay warm.
  • Bake something – yes, bake those cookies and eat them too! Ovens are notorious for heating up the house so it’s a win-win.
  • Double less trouble – Double glazed windows keep the heat in and the weather out (added bonus: quietness)
  • Humidity – No, not Florida humidity! Using a home humidifier will make the air feel warmer.
  • Watch the gaps – Seal off the gaps around windows and unused doors with clear or painters tape.
  • Blankets – placing blankets on all couches and chairs is a much cheaper and more cozy approach to warmth than heating the whole room.
  • Cuddle – yes, use the cold as an excuse to get closer to your loved ones (two- or four-legged).
  • Thermostat – If you must use the central air, invest in a programmable thermostat that cuts on thirty minutes before you wake up and get home.
  • Switch it up – change the direction of your ceiling fans to push the warm air downwards
  • Smartwool socks – if you don’t know, well now you do. A solid investment that keep your feet warm, dry and in cushioned luxury.
  • Cover up – Gloves, shoes and hats protect your extremities and retain heat.
  • Drink up – hot chocolate, coffee, tea and soup will warm you from the inside out!
  • Carpeting – Rugs and carpet absorb warmth and are much warmer to the touch than hardwood and tile.
  • Heat Tech – Another try it now, thank us later! Made from lightweight high-tech fabric, these shirts and leggings both create warmth and keep you warm!
  • Stay dry – be sure to have waterproof outerlayers and boots. If you get wet, misery will soon follow!
  • Use electric devices – space heaters and electric blankets are great cost-effective ways to add a little extra warmth.
  • Fireplace – while fires are a great way to warm the house, be sure to practice fire safety and close the damper!
  • Exercise – immediate exercise gets the blood flowing and generates warmth.

What else do you do to stay warm? Let us know in the comments below!

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