Eco-Chic Vintage Chairs: Simply Divine

by Guest Writer

There are several reasons I love the Divine Chair. One–because its vintage. Two–the patterns are beautiful. And three–its sustainable!! As you know I love vintage, beautiful designs and sustainability.

The designer and owner, Kitty McBride finds vintage chair frames in good condition, with interesting details and durable. None of the frames are new. Once the chair is selected, they are stripped, finished and re-painted and then re-upholstered. The fabrics she selects are beautiful and modern. The company purchases their fabric from are eco-friendly and sustainable companies. All fabric not used on the actual chair is recycled or re-purposed, such as turning scraps in to pillows.
The company takes pride in “Reduce, Re-Use & Re-Style” which describes the revamping of these vintage chairs. Another way they reduce their carbon footprint is by only delivering chairs one day per week and keeping the company completely paperless.

The life and storyline for each chair is developed by the antique found frame. The fabric is really selected to accentuate the life of the chair. They also give each chair its very own unique name that reflects its personality.

I love the idea of buying something vintage, modern and absolutely unique. None of the chairs are the same. They also will refurbish the old chair you’ve had in the family for years in to something new and unique. For those of you in NYC you can see the Divine Chairs first hand at the Green Flea Market every Sunday on 77th and Columbus. They are also available online.

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