Spring Eco-Friendly Home Makeover

by Stephanie

Spring is finally here! After that brutal winter you may want to make some changes to your home with the new change of season. There are many eco-friendly alternatives that can be made to your home or living space in order to live a greener lifestyle. These changes would help the environment and also save you some money!

Tip#1-Change your old, used light bulbs for newer, energy efficient bulbs– If your light bill is soaring through the roof, it may be because you are using light bulbs that use a ton of power. Try using LED light bulbs, using 75% less energy than an iridescent, reducing energy costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tip# 2- Replace Your Windows– If you have older window panels that are single paneled and haven’t been replaced before, try using energy efficient windows, like awning windows, to reduce air leakage which improves your home’s energy costs.

Tip#3- Add some Solar Panels– Sunnier Days are around the corner, so try adding sun panels to reduce electricity costs in your home!

Tip#3- Conserve Water!- Try using shower heads that use less water, look for the WaterSense label that the EPA has approved for energy efficient showerheads that reduce water and utility bills in your home as well as reduce overall water usage in the U.S.

Tip#4- Try Using Eco-friendly Cleaning Products – Major spring cleaning goes into full effect in many of our homes once the nice weather hits, but try keeping your home eco-friendly by using green cleaning products or even doing some DIY cleaning products.

Tip #5- Add Some Green Plants Indoors/Outdoors– Plant flowers in your yard or even decorate the inside of your home with some.  Use biodegradable pots with materials like bamboo and wood.

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