Roasted Veggies

by Sue Taggart

I’m a veggieholic, have always loved vegetables even as a kid. My younger brother and I would fight over the last roasted potato! So to me, any vegetable you can roast is a good thing. This is not so much a recipe, more of a way to get everyone to eat vegetables they say they hate. I’ve seen people eat all of the veggies they profess to hate–parsnip, turnip and even brussels sprouts–when they are mixed together and roasted. Try it!

Serves 4:

2             Large parsnips peeled, cored and cut into 1” dice

3             Large carrots peeled and cut into ½” pieces

2             Large potatoes peeled and cut into 1” dice

8-10       Brussels sprouts cleaned and halved

2 tbsp    Olive oil

1 tsp       Spike (optional)

salt and pepper

You can add other root vegetables and even squash.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Pour oil into the bottom of a roasting pan, swirl it around so the bottom of the pan is covered. Put in all the prepared vegetables, sprinkle with the salt and pepper. I like to add some Spike, it adds a great savory flavor. Put into the oven and cook until golden and crunchy on the edges, about 35-45 minutes. Turn the veggies 2-3 times while cooking.

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