Roasted Red Peppers

by Sue Taggart

These are so easy to make and so expensive if you buy them ready made—so make your own now that BBQ season is here!

Serves 6-8:

4            large red peppers

3 tbsp   extra virgin olive oil

3 tbsp    balsamic vinegar

Heat the grill, prepare peppers by cutting off the top and bottom, deseed and cut into quarters lengthwise removing any of the inside membranes. Place peppers on a flat grilling sheet with the outside skin exposed to the flame. Grill until the outer skin is charred black all over. Place in a plastic food bag, seal and leave for 10-15 minutes to cool.

Remove the outer charred skin (this will easily peel off) wash peppers to remove any pieces of burnt skin, pat dry on a paper towel. Arrange peppers in a shallow dish and pour over the oil and vinegar. Let sit for 1-2 hours before serving.

Delicious on their own with a nice, crusty loaf to dip into the oil and vinegar, on salads, in a sandwich, on a grilled steak, in fact anyway you want to serve them!

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