Starting the day strong

by Alux Loyola

Eating healthy can be a challenge for some people, for others it is just a natural part of everyday life. One thing that has tremendously helped my diet is juicing. I can get all the greens I need in juice form making it easier to consume and easier to consume more of them

Here are a few of my favorite recipes I make using my NutriBullet. These combinations of veggies and fruits are good anytime but I like to jump start my day with a delicious blended concoction.


Kale – One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet

Mango – For sweetness and a good amount of Vitamin C

Banana – For fiber and potassium

Coconut almond milk – To add liquid to the mix


Spinach – For magnesium and potasium

Pineapple – For sweetness and fiber

Blueberries – For sweetness and fiber

Cantaloupe – For vitamin A

Goji berries – For antioxidants

Maca Powder – For an energy boost


Banana – For fiber and potassium

Almond milk – For a bit of healthy fat

Peanut butter – For protein as well as potassium

Honey – For sweetness and an all-natural energy boost

Coconut water – To add liquid and electrolytes

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