Ecofriendly Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Guest Writer

This Father’s Day, why not treat your dad to something that’s not only good for him, but is good for the environment as well! We’ve put together a list of ecofriendly products that dad’s and dad’s dads will love.

1. Solar Powered Lamp 

Is your dad the outdoorsy type? If camping, fishing, working in the garage, etc. is your dad’s forte then this is a great gift for him. This lamp holds 45 hours of light from just one single day of charging. It also contains a USB charging port, just in case your mom get’s worried when he’s out camping with his buddies.

2. Recycled Flask 

This flask is made with recycled plastic and can definitely be a hit for adventuring dads who still like to enjoy a drink in the evening. Stanley flasks are made with eCycle, a mixture of recycled plastics that can be recycled again when they’re done using it.

3. 100 % Organic Gin 

What goes along perfectly with that ecofriendly flask we talked about earlier? 100 percent organic gin does. Farmer’s Organic Gin is a handcrafted gin made from four different farms that are all USDA certified. Who said alcohol is unhealthy?

4. Eco-friendly boxer briefs 

Boxer briefs, for men, groundbreaking. Seriously these boxers are no ordinary underwear. These guys are made out of 100 percent recycled material and work to keep your bum nice and toasty on a cold day.

5. Portland General Store Tobacco Cologne

Dads are always complaining if something smells too flowery. How about a tobacco-scented cologne? Talk about manly! This cologne is made with all natural ingredients and leaves the skin smelling fresh and rustic.

6. Eco Friendly 3 Step Shaving Regimen Kit 

Pacific Shaving Company has created a unisex shaving cream set that’s made from all natural ingredients. Goodbye stubble! The set includes a pre-shave exfoliating wash, an all-natural shaving cream and a post-shave moisturizer. The best part is that they’re all the perfect size for travel.

7. Recyclable bamboo computer keyboard 

Is your dad the tech-savvy type? Trust us, he’ll love this gift. This computer keyboard is made out of nearly 100 percent bamboo and is renewable and recyclable. Time to get to work ecofriendly style dad

8. Recycled bicycle tube belt

“Dad, please don’t wear that. You’re embarrassing me!” We’ve all said it. Especially when pops pulls out the Hawaiian shirt and fish covered belt combo. Yikes! Don’t worry, this belt will fix it all. The recycled bicycle tube belt is just what it seems, a belt made out of a recycled bike tire tube. It’s quirky, dependable and aged, just like dad.

9. Eco Friendly Weightlifting Balls 

If your dad is trying to perfect his “dad bod” get him a set of these. These weightlifting balls are small and easy to use while still working and toning your muscles. The weights are on a Zero Impact program, which means for each pair of weights sold, a tree will be planted in order to promote reforestation.

10. Eco Friendly Watch 

Time is money, honey, and Sprout offers watches that are worth your money and good for the environment. These watches are made with organic cotton and are just rugged, yet stylish enough for your dad to wear. Whether he’s going for a hike or out to dinner with the family, these watches will fit him perfectly.

Have any more suggestions on how to get your dad to use more eco friendly products? Let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

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