Our Top Eco And Sustainable Wineries

by Guest Writer

Sustainability is the word of our age. No matter what kind of industry you’re in or what type of business you do, this is something you need to strive towards to – either you’re going green or you’re going extinct. Economic, social and environmental elements put heavy pressure on companies to go through this transition and develop healthy standards that will be enforced.

Today we are talking wine. Who doesn’t love wine?!  Well we will tell you that there is nothing better than drinking a glass of wine when you know it’s sustainable and not harming our environment. Cheers to that! Sustainable leaders in the industry are constantly finding new ways to further develop organic production, and work on innovations when it comes to packaging, biodynamics and all other aspects of wine production. Here are our top eco and sustainable wine companies:



There are three different certifications that wine companies work really hard to get. The first one marks sustainability in practice, the second one is about being organic all the way, and the third one symbolizes achievements in the field of bio-dynamics. Guess who got all three of them? Ampelos Cellars are a highly socially responsible company – if you have a winery and you want to go green, they are the role model you should look up to. They completely gave up on using bottled water, and their cover crop are fava beans, sweet peas and homes for friendly insects, so they don’t disturb the ecosystem. There’s one more fact that will explain why they are the leading eco winery – they utilize solar power.



Here’s an interesting idea – why serve wine from bottles when you can cut down glass expenses and serve it directly from a keg? Besides, we all know that just one bottle is rarely enough, which is why getting a keg is a much better idea. Sure, this idea is quite practical, but actually applying it within the wine industry may not be the greatest move – the industry is all about sophistication, and kegs don’t really give that impression, do they? No matter the case, Silvertap still decided to go through with this project and their daring move was widely accepted and appreciated by the green community.



In order to reduce glass production, the Alma Rosa team decided to employ a standard bottle mold for all wines they make, which directly decreases the waste. Maintaining high standards when it comes to quality, but still deciding to give up a significant factor in this industry, namely aesthetics, seems like a winning combo when a wine company wants to go green. However, this is not all they did – their wineries use only green farming techniques. There’s no such thing as doing enough when it comes to environmental issues.



Their continual efforts to cut down on glass usage as much as possible really make them stand out in a sea of similar companies, but the fact their corks are made only out of tree bark is another big plus. Frei Brothers admirers might be the luckiest among all – fans who show support for their efforts to save the environment receive various gifts.



This traditional Napa Valley vineyard really cares about their home. One Hope winery has a beautiful vision to co-exist with nature around it, and save it from all possible factors that might cause damage. After all, nature is the one responsible for this delicious beverage, and this kind of gift needs to be appreciated. Their efforts to cut back on glass production and lower overall water and energy consumption are at an enviable level. Maintaining the product quality their fans are used to and still constantly introducing new eco-friendly innovations to their winery really is an example for everyone to follow. Also check out their foundation for details on how each wine you purchase gives back. One Hope Foundation at http://www.onehopefoundation.org.

There’s so much more to wine than a simple glass that embellishes your meal. Behind each bottle, there’s a journey – each wine house nurtures their well–hidden recipes, they love and nurture each grape, they make sure you’re provided with a top quality product, and they do their best to protect our planet. So, the next time you’re trying to decide between two brands, maybe you should do some research and allow the deciding factor to be whether they are eco-friendly or not. It will taste better when you know that someone devoted and caring made it.


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