NYC Climate Museum

by Juliette Baumann

As we are growing increasingly aware of the damage our natural practices and inventions have caused our environment, people are beginning to realize that some action must be taken. 

Luckily for our younger generations, Miranda Massie had a vision to create The Climate Museum initiative, established in 2015, although it has not yet been constructed. This nonprofit organization works to catalyze a cultural transformation around climate by starting this conversation and educating people on our climate issues while helping to find a variety of solutions to our climate problem. 

At this time, headquarters for The Climate Museum have yet to be constructed. However, they have showcased exhibitions across New York City to help promote this initiative. The nonprofit’s first work, In Human Time, was presented at the Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries at the Parsons School of Design in December 2017. 

In the fall of 2018, the Climate Museum opened a hub at Governors Island, in which Massie’s team helped her to design and operate their first temporary space. The nonprofit has also had a hand in the public art space this past fall, when Climate Signals was designed by Justin Brice Guariglia and placed in locations throughout the city. 

In addition to their exhibitions, the Climate Museum partners with an advisory council, a youth advisory council, a science-working group, and a wide variety of volunteers, who are critical to the growth of the organization.  To learn more about the first museum in the United States with a focus in climate change, go to

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