National Clean Off Your Desk Day

by Rachel Collins
National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Was one of your resolutions for 2021 to be cleaner and more organized? Well, you’re in luck! The second Monday of January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, a day when we are encouraged not to clean OUT our desks but clean them off!  It’s a day for cleaning the clutter off your desk and giving your workspace a good scrub. If you’re drowning in used pens and year-old paperwork, you could be costing yourself valuable time in lost productivity. No matter your space, having your workspace uncluttered and organized will help you work more efficiently.

Want some tips for how to clean off your desk? Check out the list below!

Tips to Clean Off Your Desk

  1. Think of your desk as prime real estate. Whatever sits on it needs to deserve to take up the space. Only items you use daily should sit here.
  2. Keep supplies close by. Drawers and pencil caddies are convenient ways to make sure often-used items are handy.
  3. Keep things in reach. Resources, files, and other items you use on a daily basis should be within arm’s reach. If you keep a telephone book on your desk, but use an online directory, then the phone book needs to go.
  4. Think “up”. By putting your computer monitor on a stand, you’ll not only raise it to a proper ergonomic level, but you’ll give yourself more clean desk surface space. If possible, install shelves above your desk, providing an area where you can keep binders and other resources within arm’s reach.
  5. Create a system. Organize your current projects by placing them in project jackets or file folders. Take the time to label each file and store them upright in an incline sorter. This is a great way to avoid piles of files and allows you to visually see all your projects.
  6. Use a stacked in/out tray. Papers and unopened mail coming into your office need a temporary home until you can make decisions regarding them. Make sure that the bottom of the two trays acts as your In-Box, thus limiting just how much stuff can accumulate before you give it some attention. This helps you keep a clean desk and stay on top of projects that need attention.
  7. Get rid of distractions. Between your phone ringing, email coming in at a steady pace, and keeping up with appointments and meetings, it’s no wonder it’s such a feat to maintain a clean desk. To simplify, get rid of excess personal items. You should also pay close attention to the space under your desk as it’s often an easy hiding place for clutter. These distractions will only keep you from your goal of obtaining a clean desk.

A clean, de-cluttered office gives a feeling of relief and like a stress-filled weight has been lifted. We hope you enjoy cleaning off your desk today and every day!

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