May Pets of the Month May -Titan and Zeus

by Guest Writer

Name: Titan (black) and Zeus (grey and white) – they’re brothers

Parent: Jillian Chertok

Breed: Adorable. Actually, I’m not really sure. I adopted them when they were one month old and they are shorthaired cats.

Age: 7

Birthday: September 2007

Size: Smallish

Diet: Science diet indoor cat dry formula. I also give them tuna as a treat from time-to-time, which they go crazy over. If I don’t put the food bowl down fast enough they try to climb on the counter to get to it.

Favorite toy: Little toy mice. I keep a stock of them in my apartment so I can replace them after they have been used and abused by the boys. Out of the many toys I have gotten them over the years, these are their favorite and they like to carry them in their mouths, and I often find them in their food bowls, on my bedroom floor, or bed.

Funny Habit: Zeus likes to chase his tail and his favorite places to do this are on the kitchen floor, in the bathtub, or on the small round part at the top of his scratching post (amazingly, he has never fallen off). Titan likes to lick my face, hands, or legs after I put lotion on, typically while I’m trying to fall asleep, so I have to make sure I’m hidden under the covers or else he won’t stop and it tickles!

Adorable Eccentricity: Titan likes to “talk” to me in a tiny, whiny voice, all the time – when I come home from work, when I get out of the shower, etc. I think he’s yelling at me for not giving him my undivided attention. Zeus is less talkative, but he does an adorable little prance when he runs.

Dislikes: Leaving the apartment. Both cats love looking out the window and observing birds and people, but trying to take them out of the apartment for any reason is a nightmare. During my last apartment move, they were so terrified of being put in their carrying crates and taken outside, that they both went to the bathroom in the corner of my apartment out of nervousness.

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