Healthy Road Trip Snacks

by Guest Writer

Road trip season is here. Whether you’re road-tripping it to the coast or cross country, a key component of the trip is: snacks. But eating healthy on the road is difficult! Passing fast food exit signs are tempting, and when stopping at a gas station filled with colorful candies and salty snacks, our tastebuds want all the unhealthy things!

Instead of grabbing a bag of gummy candies and a soda to go, check out these healthy options of your favorite road trip snacks below:



Pirate’s Booty Veggie Puff Snacks

A healthy version of any puffed cheese snacks, minus the bright orange dyes!



Terra Exotic Harvest Potato Chips

Contrary to popular belief, potato chips aren’t actually that bad for you! It’s the extra salt and additives that leave you feeling bogged down after eating a bag (or two, whoops). These exotic veggie chips include: carrot, kabocha and blue potato chips!



Yum Earth Organics Fruit Snacks

Gummy candies! Organic, gelatin and dye free!



Vita Coco Coconut Cafe

Traveling often causes dehydration and fatigue. Nip both of those in the bud with this espresso and coconut water mix!

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