Healthy Desserts

by Guest Writer

Desserts are our weakness here at eco18. Whether it’s a piece of chocolate cake, or two, or a carmel and nougat filled candy bar, you name it, we want it. With all of the sweets filled holidays coming up, we’re looking to expand our dessert range with more healthy desserts!

Now, what do we mean when we say “healthy”

A lot of people misconceive the word “healthy.” Just because something is labeled “gluten free” or “vegan” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. When we say healthy, we mean we’re eating real food. Less processed, less refined, less preservatives, and in general, less ingredients.

Here are a few of our favorite healthy desserts:

Cardamom Almond Pear Crisp from Oh She Glows


Healthy Fig Newtons from the Minimalist Baker


Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies from Ambitious Kitchen


Coconut Cream + Raspberry Tart from mindbodygreen


Vegan Peanut Butter Truffles



What’s your favorite healthy dessert? We’re up for trying more!

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