Healthiest Frozen Foods

by Guest Writer

Ah, frozen food. The fastest way to get food in your face after a long day, when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking, or, when you’re short on time and need to prepare, eat and cleanup in less than a half hour. But let’s face it, frozen food has gotten a bad rap over the years due to it’s lack of nutritional info and good taste, causing some to feel shame when they decide to eat a frozen meal, or – gasp – give one to their kids.


But now it’s 2016 and a plethora of healthy and delicious frozen food options are available, so there is no longer any reason to hide your love of frozen food. And with National Frozen Food Day coming up this Sunday, this is the perfect time to celebrate and embrace frozen foods! And in order to help you do so, I’ve rounded up a few of the healthiest frozen food brands that you may want to stock up on for those days when cooking is just not gonna happen.


Evol. This brand seems to be a frozen food favorite among consumers from what I’ve read, and with good reason. The company prides itself on offering simple and pure ingredients in its frozen food, which ranges from single- and multi-serve meals, to burritos, breakfast options, gluten-free options, and much more. For example, the company says its cheddar cheese comes from cows that are raised in the USA, and the cheese is produced without the use of animal rennet, is free of dyes & colorants, and is from cows not treated with rBST hormones. Its beef is raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones and never fed animal by-products. It’s also raised sustainably in the USA. Learn more at


Luvo. This brand focuses on healthy nutritional profiles, keeping meals under 500 calories and 500 milligrams of sodium. Its meals contain no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings, and no hydrogenated fats. Also, the ingredients in Luvo frozen meals, which include breakfast, entrees and burritos, come from suppliers who use an approved program that allows Luvo to “verify ingredient- and process-flow authenticity, and expect them to maintain the highest quality standards in terms of sourcing local, organic, preservative-free products and ingredients.” Lean more at


Amy’s. This is one of the leading frozen food brands, and it’s easy to see why! Amy’s food is made with real, organic ingredients, no additives, no preservatives and no GMOs. Also, all of Amy’s foods are vegetarian, so you won’t find any meat, fish, poultry or eggs in any of its products. The cheeses are made with pasteurized rBST hormone free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or rennet. Amy’s offers a wide array of delicious options to choose from, including entrees, bowls, burritos and wraps, pizza, soup and desserts. They even offer specialty meals, such as Asian and Indian. Learn more at


Kidfresh. This brand creates caters specifically to kids, but the food is so good that adults will enjoy it too. Kidfresh offers a variety of single- and multi-serve meals, sides and snacks, but the genius of it all is that Kidfresh frozen meals contain hidden vegetables, thereby tricking kids into eating delicious food that is actually good for them too. Genius! One of the company’s latest offerings, Totally Rockin’ Tots, which I had the pleasure of trying at Expo East this past September, was just named one of the “25 Best Frozen Foods for Families” by Parents magazine. In addition to the hidden veggies, all products include wholesome ingredients and the packaging is BPA free and green. Learn more at


What are your favorite frozen foods?

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