Green Weddings

by Juliette Baumann

Protecting the environment is important but luckily for us it has become extremely easy. Technology has created many avenues that help us find more eco-friendly solutions. If you are planning a wedding there are slight changes you can make to throw an earth loving celebration. 

1. Save the Date and Save Some Paper: Whether your wedding is going to be big or small, the first step to having a sustainable big day starts with your Save the Date! These little pieces of (important) paper not only can cost a ton of money, but often are discarded and cast aside. We recommend embracing the digital age and sending out e-vites instead! That way it will be faster, easier and WAY more green for your special day to be announced, and for your guests to RSVP. However, if you’re somebody who likes tradition, there’s always the option of using recycled stationary from brands like Paper Culture or Forever Fiances.

2. Have a Green and Locally Sourced Menu: Unfortunately, food and agriculture plays a HUGE role in the degradation of our environment. That’s why shopping locally for your daily meals can positively impact your health, your local economy, and the overall quality of your food. Though picking some generic caterer may be a bit cheaper, requesting your wedding meals be made with farmer’s market fresh goodies is a fantastic (and fresh) way to make sure your big day will make a positive impact.

3. Ask for Charitable Wedding Gifts: As much as we all love receiving and opening presents and gifts, there’s no denying that more often than not we just don’t use half the things we get. So we suggest giving your guests an option: either you can register for gifts from shops that are sustainable and green, or you can request that in place of a physical gift they donate the same amount of money they would spend to a charity of your choice. That way you won’t clutter up your life with goods you’ll never use, and you will still have the satisfaction of knowing that your wedding did some good in the world.

4. Give Out Green Favors: Party favors are a must for any successful wedding, but rather than giving out plastic knick-knacks or gimmicky goodies that will never be used, try opting for a more usable and greener option. For example, you could give out reusable water bottles reusable produce bags customized with the date of your wedding. By opting for a more practical and sustainable gift, your guests will always have the memory of your special day.

5. Go Vintage: Your wedding dress is probably the most important part of this big day, and is something you will never forget. But it’s also important to remember that it’s something you’ll probably never wear again. To avoid wasting a wedding dress, we recommend either buying one-second hand or vintage—that way you know your dress already comes with a story and a history of its own, and hopefully will shed some good luck on your special day. Another option is to go a less traditional route and buy a more practical dress that you can see yourself wearing on other occasions in the future. An off-white tea dress would be lovely on your wedding day, and a perfect formal dress for big occasions in the future.

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