Green Dwellings NYC Style

by Melody Morrow

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by the best in green living in a big city like New York-everyday? Well there are many apartment buildings in NYC for rent that can answer this question. There are places to buy, but I thought rentals are a great place for starters. The more research I did for this article, the more my list kept “building”. The growth of the real estate market focused on greener properties is, I believe, indicative of people who want to live a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, especially living in the Big Apple and its environs. Parks and other outdoor spaces are great, but breathing in better air, natural on a daily basis is pretty cool.  There are even eco-friendly real estate brokers to help lead you. These apartments may cost more, but they could be worth the price for a healthier home.

Each residential building is eco-friendly in a variety of ways and not all the same for each. There are those that are constructed with recycled and sustainable materials, designed with efficient ways to use water and energy, creating better air quality, solar panels, innovative design and more. Most of the properties are either LEED certified or in the process of getting there. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. There are varying levels of LEED certification, which range from certified, silver, gold and finally to Platinum-like credit cards!

Looking for greener pastures? Well…take a look at 10 green dwellings and see if any could feel like home!

Archstone Clinton –  Standing amid the bustling skyline of midtown Manhattan, you’ll find Archstone Clinton’s environmentally friendly “green” apartments in Hell’s Kitchen.

Dinkins Gardens – Harlem’s first affordable green community. Situated on West 153rd Street, it offers 85 units of affordable housing in addition to a 25,000 square foot youth center and a community garden.

Helena – A 40 story icon of modern green design located on 11th Avenue and 57th Street.

Liberty Luxe/Liberty Green -The buildings are sustainable form the outside in and located on North End Avenue in Battery Park.

Tapestry – Called the Gateway to Manhattan at 245 East 124th, Tapestry is filled with features that protect the environment and provide a healthy, positive living experience.

The Epic – A luxury high-rise rental building (59 floors) located at 125 West 31st is located within walking distance to Chelsea galleries which is good for a healthy walk and LEED certified for starters.

The Octagon– In 2008, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded The Octagon LEED-Silver Certification for excellence in sustainable design and environmentally conscious construction. A gorgeously designed building located on Roosevelt Island.

The Solaire-At 20 River Terrace in Battery Park, the first of many green buildings inside and out to embrace the community.

The Verdesian- Located in Battery Park City, this 26-story environmentally advanced rental tower combines sophisticated technologies with natural materials to optimize resident comfort, maximize efficiencies, and enhance indoor air quality while conserving the earth’s precious resources.

Tribeca Green– Tribeca Green is a remarkable new luxury smoke-free rental that offers a fresh opportunity to lead a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Designed by renowned architect, Robert A. M. Stern.

A great way to bring the green in from outside, but be prepared to spend some green, as most buildings are luxury.

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