There’s an App for That: Diet & Nutrition

by Nick Livermore

A while back, we posted an article with the best green iPhone apps to help you live a more green, sustainable lifestyle. We weren’t surprised that it was a big hit, but we didn’t quite realize the convenience and power that a well-designed app can have on your lifestyle. With that in mind, we’re back with more apps that will help you keep your diet goals on track and the bad foods away.

Lose It! – As the name suggests, this is the most weight-loss oriented of the bunch. Set your daily caloric intake guidelines and enter everything you eat to stay on track to keep that belly in line.

Fooducate – Scan everything you see in the grocery store and see if you should buy it or not based on an elementary-school grading system. If you really want to put yourself to the test, scan everything in your pantry and see how many D’s you have.

Calorie Tracker – Just looking to find out how many calories or grams of fat are in a Snickers? Calorie Tricker has more foods than any of the other apps we have found. (The answer to the Snickers question is don’t eat it, by the way)

Restaurant Nutrition – Going out to eat doesn’t have to be stressful or mysterious. Use Restaurant Nutrition as a guideline to help steer you towards healthy(er) menu options at the hundreds of menus it lists.

Eat This Not That – The creators of the best-selling book lay it all out here. It demonstrates that you don’t have to go without your favorite foods – you can fulfill certain cravings by eating wisely (or following what this app says).

Simply Organic Recipes – This is probably the best selection of healthy recipes in one app that we have found. The only downside is there are no pictures. Not the end of the world, but still..

Epicurious – Epicurious has more recipes than one person could ever cook in a lifetime, but that’s the beauty of it. Wade through the fatty and boring ones with an advanced search, and you will find lots of great recipes in a surprisingly simple interface.

VeganXpress – Because everyone has a vegan friend.. No, just kidding! This is a great location-based app to help find the vegan and vegetarian offerings and most well-known restaurants.

How did we do? We would love to hear of your favorites! Keep an eye out in coming weeks, as we put together our favorite workout/fitness apps!

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