Green Cars for 2014

by Dennis Machicao

If you have bee looking at TV lately you might have notices and inordinante amount of commercials for automobiles. All the car companies are trying to sell off their 2013 leftovers to make room for their 2014 models, which really have already been available since earlier this 2013.

If you are in the market for a new car, now is the time to get a good deal on a 2013 model. If you are a car person that wants the newest and latest model, this is your chance to see what is available for 2014 and especially for a vehicle that is eco friendly and economical in fuel consumption.

The list of  “green” cars has been growing throughout the years ever since consumers have been more interested in cars that will offset the ever-increasing cost of fuel.  The automobile companies have for 2014 a number of models, be them hybrid, electric or gasoline that address this concern. Since the technologies for high fuel consumption are still relatively new to the automobile industry green cars come with a price but have been slowly decreasing in price since past years. Here is a list of eco friendly brands and model cars as reported by that you might want to consider


The Spark EV is an electric car that ranks as a minicar and is the most efficient electric car on the market but is only sold in California and Oregon that complies with these states’ strict emission standards.

Another Chevrolet model that is catching the interest of the green car consumer is the Cruze Diesel. Unlike the Spark EV, the Cruze is a roomy comfortable 4 door compact sedan and is the first diesel car that General Motors has built since 1986. It has a 151 horsepower 2.0 liter power plant with 46 mpg highway and 27 mpg city. According to reports, it has no diesel smell or smoke emission although at a starting price of $25,810, is a bit pricier than its base gasoline model of $18,000. But worth it if you are looking for fuel efficiency.


Honda as a number of popular models but the Accord has always been the sales leader for this company. And for 2014 the Accord will be available as a hybrid and has created high interest for this model. Unfortunately you have to be a little patient if you want to buy one. It seems that it will be available within 2 to 3 months. It seems that Honda did not anticipate its high demand and is only now ramping up production to satisfy that demand.


For 2014, BMW has introduced its i3 model that is the company’s first all-electric car built with a carbon fiber reinforced body and a Scandinavian Modern interior. The i3 is considered a subcompact hatchback city car, a bit different than Beemer fans are use to.  But the driving experience is one that is expected of a BMW with top-notch handling in a crowded urban environment in an esthetically pleasing designed modern interior.

These are just some interesting examples of what the 2014 automobile industry has to offer in the way of environmentally friendly vehicles. These examples are new, a bit different than the usual electric or hybrid cars we have seen in the past.

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