5 Ways to Nix Flaking Out on Your New Year’s Resolutions!

by Alex Arena

It’s January 2nd–fairly indifferent from any other Thursday besides the fact it is now 2014. I’m headed to New York Sports Club for my weekly “Total Body Sculpt” class with Todd the Trainer. I’m reluctant to go, partly because I’m still tired fromTuesday night’s festivities and partly because of what’s to come. As I enter the gym, I see it. My worst nightmare, realized. A line of new members half way out the door. The Resolutionists are here.

You know Resolutionists! They’re idealists. Hopeful people. Reflective people. People who watch the countdown, see the year change and decide there’s no better time than now to make a positive change in themselves.

But then, they flake.

We’re all guilty of being a Resolutionist at one point or another. In fact, about 88% of New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept. I know I myself am a serial Resolutionist. The problem is, Resolutionists are water testers. What do I mean by that exactly? People who dip one toe in the water to test out its temperature. Hesitant to the unfamiliar. Unsure. Uncommitted.

In order to be a part of the successful 12 percent, commitment is necessary. We need to tell ourselves that our resolution is not just a yearly change, but a lifestyle change. We need to brave the discomfort and dive right in.

Below, I’ve outlined five tips to help you see your resolution through. But first, tell yourself you’re ready and willing to dedicate your time and effort to the process!

5 Tips to Making Your New Year’s Resolution Sticks

Be realistic.

Sometimes the best way to achieve a big goal is to set small goals. Don’t set your sights so high that you end up feeling defeated if you fall short. Consider your life. Manage your time. Set a plan into motion. Triumph. This way, there’s no room for excuses.

Don’t just tell family and friends, INVOLVE them.

It’s always great to have someone cheering you on, but actually having a loved one actively participate in helping you achieve your goal(s) is a big help. Just remember, only you and you alone can keep yourself in check.

Schedule daily reminders ahead of time.

It’s easy to get distracted with everyday tasks. Reminders help you stay focused on your goal. A simple note on your refrigerator or phone goes a long way.

Track your progress.

There’s an app for that.

More old fashioned? Write down your ultimate goal and what you’re doing each day to get there.

Good luck and Happy 2014! 

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