Forto Strong Coffee Review

by Guest Writer

A few weeks ago the folks over at Forto Strong Coffee were nice enough to send us over a few samples of their Strong Coffee Energy Drinks! We’re coffee fiends over here at eco18, so we’ll use any excuse we can to enjoy another cup of joe. When we read that Forto offers USDA Certified Organic coffee that’s also fair trade with no extra additives, we we’re ecstatic!

We were sent the Mocha flavored energy drink. 1 bottle (2 fl oz.)= 2 cups of brewed coffee. They also offer flavors like: French Vanilla, Espresso and Caramel!

These energy drink shots are sweet and potent! We added them to a cup of ice and some of us, who prefer unsweetened coffee, diluted the shot with a little bit of cold water. It lessened the sweetness without taking away a ton of flavor! The best part of the coffee shot was the energy we felt after drinking them.

I diluted mine with water and drank it on the way home. Once I got home, I headed to the gym and found myself energized, but without the jitters of having too much coffee. The best part? There was no crash! The caffeine wore off subtly without feeling exhausted.

We definitely recommend giving Forto Coffee Shots a try!

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