Top Five Holiday GIY Picks for December

by Allison

The holiday season is officially here! We hunted down the best Green-It-Yourself (GIY) projects on Pinterest. Now that the holidays are coming up, we have been keeping an eye out for the best projects to keep your children happy, spruce up your home and get you in the holiday spirit! And. like always, these fun GIY projects are great ways to incorporate some green into your home and without breaking the bank! These were the top repined pins from out GIY board. Enjoy!

  1. Snowman Milk Jug Save your empty milk jugs and do this project with your kids. Cut 5 small black felt circles for the mouth and 2 large black felt circles for the eyes and glue it on the milk jug. Then use orange construction paper and cut a long triangle for its nose. If you want to put earmuffs on your Snowman Milk Jug then use two pom-pom balls and connect it with a pipe cleaner. You can also make your Snowman Milk Jug a top hat. Just cut out the shape of a top hat on construction paper and tape or glue on. The final touch is to cut a hole in the back of the milk jug and string through Christmas lights.
  2. Winter Birdhouse To make these cute birdhouses. Take a paper roll and flatten one end (the shorter side) then glue it closed. Determine which will be the front and the back. When you decide that fold over the top and that will be your front side. Then draw a circle on the front and then cut it out. Paint the toilet paper roll and add some sparkle! Now you will glue down the fold using tacky glue. (Tip: Use clothespins to hold in place while drying.) Trace out a circle, bigger than your paper roll on your poster board and cut it out. Then glue it onto the bottom of your house. Once everything has dried poke a hole under the cut out circle. Then put some glue and stick in your small twig for the perch. Poke a hole thru the fold and add thread so you can hang your birdhouse. Here are the complete instructions with images here.
  3. Egg Carton Kinara This is a great craft for our Kwanza readers! Use an egg carton and cut out the individual eggcups. Follow by trimming the eggs to clean it up. Then glue them together and paint the eggcups brown and let it dry. For the craft sticks, paint one black, three green and three red and let those dry. Cut out a flame shape on yellow construction paper and then a small one on orange construction paper, you will need 14 of each color. Glue the flames on top of craft stick candles. Finally insert the craft stick candles into the eggcup slits. The black candle goes in the middle, the red candles on one side and the green on the other. Enjoy your Kwanza!
  4. Clothespin Menorah This is great since we are celebrating Hanukkah! Get 19 clothespins and put in alternating order (wide side down, wide side up, etc.). On the wide side up put the candles in and viola you get your very own Clothespin Menorah!
  5. Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornaments This year you can make your own with meaningful ornaments made with pictures of your family and friends! Find spare cookie cutters and choose a color photo on card stock. Then trace cutter on top and cut out. Put glue along the edge and press the paper in place, let it dry. Finally thread a ribbon through a needle and poke a hole between paper and cutter then slip a bead over the ribbon’s ends and knot.

If you have any great DIY projects and want to share post it below. Also, if you try any of these GIY picks yourself, please send us a photo, we’d love to see!

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