The Best Gifts You Could Give A Man

by Nick Livermore

Chances are if you aren’t getting the man in your life the new iPhone/Mac/Pad (yes, that’s one all-encompassing device now), you’re still unsure what to get him. But eco18 is here to save the day. We have found the perfect gift – skincare products that will make your man look and feel great. Here are five all-natural skincare lines that are really leading the way in men’s skincare. These aren’t the products that rely on big marketing dollars, they are the real deal.

Bulldog Natural Skincare

Bulldog are relatively new to the US market, but they seem to be cropping up in the stores across the country. We particularly enjoyed the Original Face Wash which had just the right amount of citrus to wake up that tired morning face. $9.99


Menaji Skincare
Menaji was started by a celebrity makeup artist who noticed a shortage in quality men’s products and decided to make her own. In addition to her celebrity-endorsed Camo Concealer (it works wonders), we really liked the 911 Eye Gel. 911 worked to tighten up those eyes and disguise a long night out. Bonus tip: keep it in the fridge for a great cooling sensation! $36


Organic Male OM4

OM4 offers a complete four-step program based around your skin type (Oily, Sensitive, Dry and Normal), which can make the entire regimen pretty easy. One of the standout products for us was the Stage 3 Vitamin A Serum filled with rosehip chamomile and violet, which really does a good job of feeding the largest organ in your body the nutrients it needs. $45


Somersets Grooming for Men
When Somersets told us that their Shaving Oil was all you needed for a great shave, we were a little skeptical. After all, how can two drops a nice herbal-scented (lavender, tea tree and rosemary) balm be enough to get the hair off your face while providing enough protection to protect from nicks and the dreaded ingrowns? Well, rub it in and wait a minute, and shave as you would. The stuff is magical. $6.99


Ursa Major
Hailing from the natural state of Vermont, Ursa Major believes that we are not only what eat, but what we put on our skin. We can get down with that. Our pick of the bunch is the 4-in-1 Face Tonic, which has great Northeastern scents of orange, fir and lavender and works great used as a pore-tightening toner. $24

If you can get the men in your life using products from these great brands in their regimen, you will have given the best Christmas presents imaginable! Any other products you like? Let us know below.

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Happy Shopping!

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