Favorite Fall Memory

by Guest Writer

Today is the first day of fall!

Fall seems to have a special place in everyone’s heart. Maybe because it’s the shortest season of all, or maybe because there’s no such thing as a bad sweater weather season!

We thought it’d be fun to go around the office and ask of everyone’s favorite fall memory.


Jillian- Beauty Editor

Fall is my favorite time of year, and my best fall memory is from three years ago when I went wine tasting and pumpkin picking with my brother, sister and sister-in-law out east on Long Island. We had so much fun that day, especially when my brother chased us through the vineyard throwing grapes at us 🙂

Danielle- Fitness Editor

Apple and pumpkin picking for sure!

Shauna- Health and Wellness Editor

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year, and my parents let me fully embrace that throughout the fall. Decorations, “scary” movies, haunted hay rides, bonfires, apple cider (pumpkin beer once I was of age) and so much candy. We celebrated Halloween for the entire month of October, and I still hold onto that tradition. (I’m literally eating candy corn as I write this. What?! It was on sale!)

Sue- Editor in Chief

Fall, or Autumn as I knew it growing up in Kent, England is probably my favorite time of year. It was the time of hop picking and apple picking at local farms close to where we lived. My grandmother’s favorite apple was a Cox. She would wrap each one individually in newspaper and store them in a deep drawer in the bedroom I slept in.

These were being saved for Christmas. The room always smelled of apples and reminded me that all the excitement of Christmas was just around the corner. Whenever I smell a Cox’s apple I’m transported back to that bedroom and all the wonderful memories from that time.

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